special events

Special Events

From corporate events and fundraisers, to weddings and private parties, Ready Valet has your special event parking needs covered! Our team of parking professionals will provide our guests with an exceptional first and last impression so your event is sure to be remembered for years to come.


Ready Valet has provided parking solutions to our local restaurants since our inception in 2009. Our valet service is designed to provide a seamless and convenient parking experience for your guests. We prioritize efficiency and security to provide your guests with exceptional service and piece of mind.


Residential Buildings

In addition to valet services for special events, fundraisers, and open houses, Ready Valet provides quality, trustworthy employees for a wide range of services (front desk attendant, elevator operator, etc…) Our aim is to create a convenient and enjoyable living experience by taking care of day-today- tasks and catering to residents’ specific needs, ultimately enhancing their overall quality of life.

Shuttle Services

Ready Valet specializes in providing skilled and professional drivers for shuttle driving needs. We understand the critical role that drivers play in delivering exceptional service and ensuring the safety and satisfaction of passengers. As a dedicated staffing agency, our focus is to train and deploy highly effective drivers who possess the necessary skills and professionalism.